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Our Services

Ali Hadi Al Dousari Machinery And Equipments is a Distributor and OEM providing services to operators of European engines.

Customers of Al Dousari Machinery And Equipments get the best quality and high standards in service; qualities entailed in the genuine spare parts and in the trained engineers and technicians to deliver “first time right” service. We offer various levels of service from complete preventive maintenance contacts, installation, and start-up supervision, to field corrective on-needed basis service.

Our engineers provide up-to-date technical information and improved response times. We answer all technical inquiries related to engine model identification, power curves, heat balances, noise levels, fuel consumption, engine ratings, as well as technical assistance such as engine service and repair.

Spare Parts

We are customer friendly, that’s why we offer our clients all spare parts that are related to our scope of work.

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