Sound Proof Canopies

Generator canopy is Low Noise (68 to 80, 1 DBA) at 1 meter. There is sufficient air for engine aspiration and proper heat dissipation as the fans maintain proper cross flow. We have specially designed residential silencer which maintain low noise level. Acoustic rooms are well finished and proper design. Enclosures are vibration free because of providing ant vibration mounting as well as flexible below. Enclosures have the provision for proper cooling system. Our enclosure is friendly designed. Easy maintenance door provided at all sides. Easy monitoring inspection window is provided, easy handling and easy transportation.
Base Frame:
Generating sets are installed on base frames that are manufactured according to size and dimensions of the engine and alternator. We offer our customers a wide range of precision base frame for diesel generator sets that is known for their flawless performance and efficiency, simple configuration and easy installation features